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Protecting immunity through the digestive system

Did you know that 60 to 70 of the immune cells are in our intestines? Yes, the intestinal ecosystem not only helps our bodies digest food, it has a more complete role in our health: to protect our bodies from infections and external aggressions. Focus on the intestinal system and more precisely, on the microbiota.

The intestinal ecosystem: a synergy of actions to monitor our immune system

Our intestinal ecosystem has a precise and demanding functioning to protect our body from external aggressions and thus mobilize our immune defenses. It is supported by three elements, each providing an essential role. Among these is the gut microbiota: a key organ of our health made up of 100,000 billion healthy and balanced bacteria, helping to prevent harmful bacteria from entering our intestines.

Understanding the importance of the gut microbiota in immunity

Theintestinal ecosystem relies on each of these elements to ensure its protective role against bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances. As a result, our gut microbiota must be healthy and balanced. However, various factors, such as poor diet or uncertain lifestyle, can taint the balance of the intestinal ecosystem and weaken our immune defenses. This is called dysbiosis: harmful bacteria then take over the protective bacteria.

This imbalance of the microbiota can be the cause of various symptoms: psychological disorders (fatigue, headaches, anxiety…), allergies (skin, food or asthmatic) or even, vector of diseases (Crohn’s disease). It is therefore important to act, in order to restore room for good bacteria and regain its immunity.

From dysbiosis to eubiosis through probiotics, prebiotics and asset synergy

Pre and probiotics

When a microbiota is unbalanced, it is essential to reintegrate bacteria,foreign to the body, responsible for improving digestive comfort, regulating transit and regenerating intestinal flora. The goal? Strengthen natural defenses and stop the invasion of harmful bacteria or viruses,thanks to these living microorganisms. We’re talking about probiotics.

What about prebiotics? Some foods (rice, leek, asparagus…) contain these famous prebiotics,allowing to feed the microbiota and thus, multiply the appearance of good bacteria.


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Natural assets and plants

To give a boost to our immune system,here is our selection of active ingredients and plants:

  • Echinacea,activating the body’s defense mechanisms and preventing infections (mainly wintry)
  • Propolis, the hive’s activeness effective in fighting infections, revitalizing the body and supporting the functioning of the immune system.
  • The essential oil of thyme, recognized as a powerful antibacterial and anti-infective agent. It provides the body with a good dose of energy and strengthens the immune system.
  • Cabbage: Like any fermented plant, cabbage is filled with vitamins, precisely vitamin C. It also mobilizes the right bacteria in the gut.
  • Beetroot is a source of vitamins,minerals (iron, calcium, sodium, fibre…) and a mine of good bacteria!