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My natural holiday relief kit

Summer is just around the no way… synonymous with a holiday! To make the most of your stay, it’s best to pack your bags in advance so you don’t forget anything.

With your toiletry kit, don’t forget to put an emergency kit in your suitcase.

The conventional emergency kit must contain compresses, physiological serum, dressings, disinfectant or antiseptic… These are classics found in first aid or first aid kits.

But what if your kits contained more natural remedies and fewer chemicals? And if herbal medicine and aromatherapy were invited to your travel pharmacy!

What’s in our natural emergency kit?

The contents of the kit can be composed only of 100 natural ingredients. This is our EDLI NATURE bet.

Indeed, your emergency kits can also include essential plants and oils for the little bugs and the little ailments encountered during your stay! Our SOS kit includes 6 natural products that affect digestion, pain, vitality, sore throat, bruises and bumps. They can be used occasionally without doing a 30-day cure to feel the benefits.

Arnica Montana

Daily Bobos

Our ointment THE TERRE REPARE based on Arnica, camphor and Harpagophytum is designed to locally soothe pain, bruises and bumps.

Arnica montana is an anti-inflammatory plant known to reduce muscle pain, cramps and bruising. This ointment is to be applied directly to the skin. Are you a hiker? Don’t forget to add it to your backpack! It helps relieve aches and stiffness after intense sports activity or in case of a fall or blow to avoid bruising. Be careful not to apply it to an open wound, superficial wounds or cuts.

If you’ve scheduled a sports holiday, our VITALISE TERRE bottle will help you fight physical fatigue! Our bottles of Eleutherocoque, kola nuts and rosemary will give you a little help to make the most of your activities.

And to relieve small aches such as some transient pains, inflammatory conditions and headaches, we formulated THE TERRE APAISE based on Sage, Harpagophytum and Eglantier.

Digestive disorders

Changes in location, pace of life and diet can cause disruption to the digestive system. Some people will tend to be more constipated while others will experience diarrhoea, especially in tropical countries! Or some people are simply suffering from transport sickness.

These digestive problems can easily ruin your holiday days. This is why EDLI NATURE has developed THE EQUILE TERRE to improve digestion and calm digestive disorders. The tablets contain probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes.

Sleep disorders

Holidays are often synonymous with lazing around and napping! It’s the perfect time to get a good sleep cure! But sometimes some situations prevent you from getting to sleep, especially in case of very hot nights. For the lucky ones who go abroad, they may be faced with jetlag or jet lag. That’s why EDLI thought about adding THE CALME TERRE to its emergency kit. Our Passiflore extract to dilute in a glass of water is very effective for a good night’s rest.

Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen to avoid sunburn!

When you return from your trip, all you have to do is keep the bag in your cupboard or pharmacy kit to relieve the little ailments of everyday life at home!

During your holiday, in case of serious accidents, disorders and persistent bleeding, contact a doctor or pharmacist quickly.

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